Personal trainer

A personal trainer is not only a professional trainer but also a motivator, a psychologist, a teacher and a person who battles your excuses.
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We are certified personal trainers who are still working on client’s health and condition.
We save your time. Together we will work on your goals effectively and prevent injuries.
We are looking forward to you! Your personal trainers.

Start working on your personal goals with the help of the personal trainer

  • no boundedness, no contracts
  • with certified trainers
  • personal trainings based on the introductory diagnosis
  • parking, towels, a cup of coffee, protein drinks included
  • no injuries no worries
  • 11 gyms in Bratislava

The first training is for free.

Why should you start exercising with a personal trainer?

Visible results & efectiveness

A personal trainer saves your time. Training with a personal trainer is more effective and that’s the reason why your results are visible in shorter time.


Thanks to a personal trainer you will avoid any undesirable injuries.

Comfort & all inclusive

A personal trainer is always 100% ready for the training. There is no need for you to worry about what and how to exercise, it is time for you to relax after a hard day at work. Fresh towel and drinking water is always prepared for you.

Goal records & motivation

You will set your goals with your personal trainer at the beginning. Having a goal and seeing results is a perfect motivation.


A good personal trainer is more than a psychologist. He is always ready to listen to your everyday troubles and hard times. Don’t you think better than wasting your time somewhere in a cafe?

Health and individual approach

A personal trainer is called personal because he takes into account your personal preferences and health condition of every single client. We do not offer group exercises where everyone is doing the same.

Are you still considering whether or not trying a personal training? You do not need to. You can come and try the first training with a personal trainer for free.

Your new personal trainer

The first

Better late than never

The first introductory training is free of charge. You can either sign up using one of the contact forms on our website, email us at info@efectfit.sk or call us at 0905 339 959. We will comply the time and date of the training with your requests and preferences. We are looking forward to you!

You will communicate with


0905 339 959 info@efectfit.sk daily 9AM - 5PM