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Through the whole training programme, you will follow your main goal which you set at the beginning. You will exercise with effectivity under the supervision of your personal trainer who always focuses not only on your physical condition but also on your health state.


We do not have any contracts, boundedness nor hidden membership fees. We will bond you with our quality work, attitude and the results on your body. The terms of your trainings will be adequate to your requests.


We provide you with an all-inclusive service - not only a towel, shower gel and hair dryer, but also coffee and a protein shake.


All of the trainers are certified professional trainers who studied on the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.


The atmosphere in our gyms is kind, friendly and relaxed. Your babies are also welcome in EfectFit and you can exercise together.

All inclusive

You can choose from our personal trainers, physiotherapists, group trainings or nutrition experts. We offer 24 different types of trainings and services.

Your fitness centre

Your fitness centre

Choose from one of our 11 fitness centres the one which is closer to your work or home. You will get all of the benefits and individual approach of either a trainer or a physiotherapist in each of them.

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Your personal trainer

Your personal trainer

A personal trainer is not only a professional trainer but also a motivator, a psychologist, a teacher and a person who battles your excuses.

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Pricing list

Our services Price
Introductory session with personal trainer (60 minutes) 0 €
Individual personal training (60 minutes) 30 €
Individual personal training (11 × 60 minutes, payment upfront) 300 € (-10% compared to a one-time payment)
Training for the couple with trainer (60 minutes) 40 €
Training for the couple with trainer (11 × 60 minutes, payment upfront) 400 € (-10% compared to a one-time payment)
Individual session with physiotherapist (60 minutes) 35 €
Individual session with physiotherapist (11 × 60 minutes, payment upfront) 350 € (-10% compared to a one-time payment)

The first

Better late than never

The first introductory training is free of charge. You can either sign up using one of the contact forms on our website, email us at info@efectfit.sk or call us at 0905 339 959. We will comply the time and date of the training with your requests and preferences. We are looking forward to you!

You will communicate with


0905 339 959 info@efectfit.sk daily 9AM - 5PM
Matthew, 32 years
"I have been thinking a lot about signing up and what happens next. Few hours later, I got a call from a nice guy who explained everything and arranged the session with a personal trainer. It was 2 years ago and I am still working out in EfectFit."
(Non-binding application)

Private gym

Limited capacity of trainees.

No obligations or contracts

You only pay when you exercise.